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Our BlogAnother Major Oil Discovery for Louisiana1/29/2015 8:47:00 AM
Our BlogNew Information and Regulations from the IMO for 20151/22/2015 10:52:00 AM
Our BlogMaritime Training Program In the Works Would be the First of its Kind in Louisiana1/15/2015 9:27:00 AM
Our BlogNew Proposed Rule: Seafarers’ Access to Maritime Facilities1/12/2015 9:32:00 AM
Our BlogLocal Coast Guard Unit Deployed to Guantanamo Bay 1/12/2015 9:23:00 AM
Our BlogU.S. Ports Receive Better Outlook from Moody’s12/30/2014 11:21:00 AM
Our BlogLocally Designed Boat Named Boat of the Year12/23/2014 3:42:00 PM
Our BlogNicholls State University’s Growing Maritime Program12/18/2014 8:53:00 AM
Our BlogDrop in Oil Prices - Cause for Concern in Local Louisiana Markets?12/12/2014 11:24:00 AM
Our BlogMillions Approved for Beach and Dune Restoration Project in LaFourche11/25/2014 3:17:00 PM
Our BlogFracking Expanding Offshore in the Gulf of Mexico11/20/2014 2:37:00 PM
Our BlogDeepwater Drilling – Local Ports are Now Surpassing Pre-BP Spill Levels10/24/2014 3:52:00 PM
Our BlogNew Draft ICF Code 10/16/2014 12:03:00 PM
Our BlogEdison Chouest Shipyard Essential to Local Economy10/9/2014 10:31:00 AM
Our BlogIMO Conventions – Upcoming Dates to Remember10/1/2014 12:09:00 PM
Our BlogMerchant Mariner Training Updates9/30/2014 11:44:00 AM
Our BlogHouse Subcommittee Reviews U.S. Merchant Marine Status9/25/2014 11:20:00 AM
Our BlogLocal Oilfield Service Has Plans to Open New Fabrication Yard in Amelia9/19/2014 12:01:00 PM
Our BlogNew Partnership Formed to Address Growing Job Demand in the Gulf9/12/2014 11:56:00 AM
Our BlogPort of Lake Charles Releases its Second Report on Vessel Traffic9/10/2014 10:34:00 AM
Our BlogInternational Maritime Organization Welcomes GOC Report8/28/2014 1:30:00 PM
Our BlogISPS Code – Yesterday and Today8/21/2014 1:13:00 PM
Our BlogNew Acreage Along the Central Gulf Opened for Drilling8/20/2014 10:53:00 AM
Our BlogTWIC Updates8/14/2014 3:36:00 PM
Our BlogBollinger Awarded $255 Million for Response Cutters8/7/2014 9:49:00 AM
Our Blog Initiatives to Control Lost Shipping Containers in the Ocean8/4/2014 11:55:00 AM
Our BlogSafety Guidelines When Passing Through or Near Pirate Waters8/1/2014 1:51:00 PM
Our BlogVessels with Permanent Ballast Water – Do they need a BWTS?7/31/2014 11:36:00 AM
Our BlogUSCG Publishes Final Rule Amending Inland Navigation Rules7/29/2014 10:57:00 AM
Our BlogExpansion Continues at Port Fourchon7/17/2014 11:59:00 AM
Our BlogImportance of Coast Guard-Approved Lifejackets7/16/2014 6:25:00 PM
Our BlogApplying for Certificate of Number for a Vessel7/14/2014 8:50:00 AM
Our BlogMarine Accident Reporting Requirements7/10/2014 10:54:00 AM
Our BlogUSCG Lifeboat Requirements: Are your lifeboats up to par?7/8/2014 6:47:00 PM
Our BlogUpdate on National Maritime Center Processing Times7/7/2014 11:19:00 AM
Our BlogU.S. Strategies for Arctic Marine Safety & Security6/30/2014 8:02:00 PM
Our BlogWhat You Need to Know about USCG Vessel Documentation6/24/2014 11:59:00 AM
Our BlogUSCG Navigational Rules 1016/20/2014 6:32:00 PM
Our Blog3 Dangerous Types of Ship Disasters & How to Prevent Them6/17/2014 11:46:00 AM
Our BlogCSO Alliance Launched to Fight Maritime Crime6/13/2014 9:41:00 AM
Our BlogHow to Obtain Your Tankerman Certification6/11/2014 6:58:00 PM
Our BlogObtaining Your Able Seamen (AS) Certificate6/11/2014 10:42:00 AM
Our BlogHow to Apply for a TWIC Card: Follow These 3 Steps6/10/2014 10:24:00 AM
Our BlogFirst Leases Awarded Under Transboundary Hydrocarbons Agreement6/6/2014 9:27:00 AM
Our BlogDryad Maritime Suggests Potential Increase in Piracy5/1/2014 11:09:00 AM
Our BlogIMO Decides on New NOx Emission Regulations4/10/2014 1:21:00 PM
Our BlogMoore Stephens Survey Shows Confidence Boost in Shipping Industry4/10/2014 11:47:00 AM
Our BlogMosaic Company Purchase to Generate Jobs and Boost Port Economy3/28/2014 10:33:00 AM
Our BlogNew Legislation for the USMMA Board of Visitors3/27/2014 10:11:00 AM
Our BlogWelcome to Our New Website3/11/2014 3:11:00 PM