TWIC Updates

by | Thursday, August 14, 2014 |

Here are some of the latest updates regarding TWIC that you should be aware of:

TWIC “OneVisit”

The TWIC “OneVisit” offering is now available at all locations. You can now have your TWIC card mailed directly to your home or other preferred location, rather than having to return to an enrollment center to pick up the credential. This feature applies to both renewed and new cards; replacements for lost, stolen, or damaged cards; and Extended Expiration Date (EED) credentials.If you would like to receive your card by mail, you only have to make a single visit to an enrollment center to complete the full enrollment process. Once you receive your card, it will be activated and ready to use.You will also receive a separate mailer with your card’s pre-assigned Personal Identification Number (PIN).

You can still choose to pick your card up at an enrollment center, and if you do so, you will be able to select your own PIN.If you would like to reset the automatically-selected pin on a card received in the mail, you may visit an enrollment center at any time and have it reset to your selected PIN for free.

TWIC Enrollment Centers – New Name

All enrollment centers will now be providing services for TWIC, TSA Pre, and Hazardous Material Endorsement (HME) programs. Therefore, instead of searching for a “TWIC Enrollment Center” notice, you should look for a “Universal Enrollment Services” sign or “UES”. When it comes time to renew or apply for your TWIC, please check the UES Locator website for the nearest location.New locations are added frequently.

Appointments Not Necessary

TWIC services are available at all UES enrollment centers.Both walk-ins and appointment holders will be accommodated.If you have an appointment, you will be given priority services at your appointment time; walk-ins are served in the order in which they arrive.If you need to apply for your TWIC or pick up your credential, but you aren’t sure when you will be able to do so, just stop by as a walk-in at any enrollment center, and you will be helped.Average enrollment time at UES centers is approximately 15 minutes or less, though it can be longer at peak times.

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