IMO Decides on New NOx Emission Regulations

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The International Maritime Organization (IMO)’s Environment Protection Committee has reached an agreement on new, more restrictive regulations for the vessel emission of NOx from emission control areas (NECAs).

There was a fair amount of uncertainty at the most recent session of the Committee about the entry into force of these regulations; Russia raised questions about the technical possibility of putting the regulations into effect, and the country was supported in its effort to postpone the measure until 2021 by several other nations.Denmark, on the other hand, in cooperation with the United States and Japan (among others), worked to maintain the 2016 entry into force deadline.

In the end, 2016 has been retained as the deadline for NECAs already designated, and the entry into force date for new NECAs will be dependent upon when they are decided.

Says Director-General of the Danish Maritime Authority, Andreas Nordseth, "I am pleased that the IMO succeeded in reaching a good solution. It is important to Blue Denmark. First and foremost, it has become certain that the regulations can take effect and will have the intended environmental impact in practice. The result also removes a great part of the uncertainty as regards when the stricter requirements are to be met. This is of great importance to the shipping industry and to future investments in new ships and marine equipment.”

The U.S. will be the first nation in which the regulations apply from 2016, and it is also a large market for Danish shipping, so it is important to have clarity about which regulations apply and from when.The decision is a win for Danish marine equipment manufacturers, who currently lead the world in their market and who have also made large investments in developing new technology.

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