Our Stencil Services

MET cuts 1 inch to 1 3/4-inch stencils on oilboard to use with spray paint for vessel mark­ings and other purposes. Complete stencil and sign kits are avail­able for vessels, which must undergo Coast Guard inspection. We can cut individual sten­cils to your specifications. We offer one-day ser­vice on 1" and 1 3/4" machine-cut stencils.

Due to the custom nature of our stencils, you have two options on how to purchase. You can buy custom stencils and pay by the letter (please see pricing below). Or you can purchase our Complete Stencil Kit.

Custom Stencil Pricing

Item ID Description Price Unit
1 STENCIL 1 inch Stencil 0.50 Per Letter
1 3/4 STENCIL 1 3/4 Stencils 0.55 Per Letter
CURVE STENCIL Stencil Curved For Lifering 0.75 Per Letter
E-71 Oneshot Roller Assembly - 3 84.00 Each
E-72 Oneshot Stencil Black Ink Cartridge 5.85 Each
E-73 One Shot 3 Replacement Ink Roller"" 10.65 Each
E-74 One Shot Plastic Roller Replacement Cover 10.65 Each
STENCIL PACKAGE Stencils & Signs Complete Kit 150.00 Each

Stencil Kit Contents

One of each is furnished unless otherwise specified. All stencils are cut in UPPER CASE (capital) letters.
1. Lube Oil
2. Comp. (*)
3. Fuel (*)
4. Water (*)
5. Ballast
6. Forepeak
7. Fill (2 stencils) (*)
8. Vent (2 stencils) (*)
9. Potable (*)
10. Emergency Exit Keep Clear (*)
11. Fire Station No. (*)
12. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0 (*)
13. Fire Hose
14. Life Jackets (*)
15. No Passengers Allowed on Deck While Underway
16. Embarkation Station
17. Max. Cap. ____ Persons
18. F.E. (*)
19. Inflatable Liferaft No.____Persons Capacity

Note: Stencils# 1—9 are used to mark vents and fills.
Note: Stencil# 17 is used to mark life floats. Please furnish us with the capacity of each float.
Note Stencil# 18 marks each fire extinguisher to correspond with the fire station number on your vessel.

(One of each is furnished unless otherwise stated.)
20. Fuel Shutoff ON OFF (*)
21. Compressed Air
22. General Alarm (*)
When Bell Rings Go to Your Station
23. Watertight Door Keep Closed
24. Waste Oil
25. Bilge Pump
26. E (Emergency Lights) (*)
27. Sewage Discharge
[Note: Stencil# 20 has an arrow indicating the direction to turn the valve.]
[Note: Stencil# 26 is used to mark each emergency light.]

28. General Alarm (MET Stock# S-08)
29. Emergency Blower Shutoff (MET Stock# S-05)
30. Oil Pollution Placard (MET Stock# S-104)
31. Emergency Stove Disconnect (MET Stock# S-06)
32. Distress Flares For Emergency Use (MET Stock# S-09)
33. Do Not Discharge Waste Overboard Within the 3-Mile
Limit of U.S. Waters. Valve Must Be Secured When
Inshore. (MET Stock# S-49)
34. Close This Vent in Case of Fire. (MET Stock# S-46)
(We furnish two signs)
35. Emergency A. C. Shutoff (MET Stock# S-45)
36. Annex V Discharge of Plastics & Garbage Prohibited
(MET Stock# S-226)
37. Refuse Container (MET Stock# S-232)

[Note: We discount additional signs at 40% for any vessel purchasing a "package." You may substitute self-adhesive signs for stencils marked with an (*) and also receive your discount. However, please tell us how many of each sign you will require.]