Each book is sold separately. This is the latest revised edition of a home-study course that has been marketed continuously since 1970. Most chapters in these books, except Chapters 1 & 12, also ap­pear (with dif­ferent chapter numbers) in our Limited Master, Mate, and Op­erator study course for a Coast Guard “officer” credential endorsement and may be used inter­change­ably for candidates who, at any time, become qualified and decide to work toward the officer endorsement. The four coil-bound books in this course will assist qualified candidates for all Able Seaman (AB) rating endorsements in­cluding:

  1. Able Seaman – unlimited.
  2. Able Seaman – limited.
  3. Able Seaman – special.
  4. Able Seaman – offshore supply vessels.
  5. Able Seaman – sail.
  6. Able Seaman – fishing industry.

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